On the ground at Standing Rock: day one

We received this update at 11pm last night (2/21) from a 350 Mass Cambridge member who is at Standing Rock providing medical support to water protectors who are facing eviction if not evacuated from Sacred Stone camp by 2pm today. We will continue to share these updates on this blog and on our Facebook page as we receive them. Please hold the water protectors at Standing Rock in your thoughts today. 

16864122_1857628877859475_3432662853408624451_n.pngThe eviction at Standing Rock is set for 2:00PM 2/22

By Robert Master and Susan Labandibar

The weather forecast for 2:00PM tomorrow at Standing Rock Reservation is 37 degrees with a 33% chance of rain or snow. The forecast for what will transpire at Camp Aceti Sakowin is far less certain. At 2:00PM, Water Protectors will be given a choice of boarding last-chance buses to avoid arrest or staying and facing the music. Medics and corpsmen will be deployed close to the camp with a medical aid station less than a mile away all the needed medical support that is possible.

Please keep the last residents of Oceti Sakowin in your hearts and prayers tomorrow.

350 Mass Training a Success!

inquisitive.JPGOn January 28th, 350 Mass held a training in Boston on strategies for engagement in the struggle for climate justice. In a packed house, we learned how to welcome new members, push for bills in the state legislature, and work for 100% Renewable Cities. Participants energetically asked questions and proposed solutions to challenges within the climate justice movement, from how to organize for climate in red states, to how diversify the constituency of 350 Mass.

Under this new administration, the worst fears of many are coming true, and that is no different for the climate movement and the members of 350 Mass. As truth and science is questioned, the independent communication of National Parks is undermined, and the possibility of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines is renewed, we need the fight for climate justice to be as strong as ever! If you want to be part of this fight, our trainings will equip you and connect you to like-minded people.

Our next training will be held in Pittsfield, MA at the UU Church (175 Wendell Ave, Pittsfield MA) Sign up here for the training: https://goo.gl/OHup3B.

If you’re interested in participating in future trainings, keep an eye out on the website for updates on when they are happening! Additional trainings are planned for the Boston area and the South Coast soon. If you’re in the Boston area, you can fill out this form to express interest in participating: https://goo.gl/uXWEzM.

At #DayAgainstDenial Boston rally, volunteers showcase organizing chops

Jan9_2-1024x662.jpgMonday's #DayAgainstDenial rally on Boston Common drew 250 people—I counted them!—and was an impressive and colorful display of people power. Congratulations to the 350 Mass Cambridge Node and other 350 Mass volunteers who organized this galvanizing moment. With skits, songs, speakers and chanting, the crowd was energized from start to finish.
Jan9_1-768x605.jpgWe can all see and feel the ways our movement has grown, from the website’s 1,200 new volunteer signups and burgeoning node meetings to the sense that anything is possible now that so many are with us. Welcome to everyone who has joined 350 Mass! To both new volunteers and veterans, please join us for a network-wide training on January 28 where volunteer leaders and staff will provide the information, skill-building and resources you need to kick butt on our 2017/18 campaigns.

WHERE: 50 Milk St, Boston, MA, 02109
WHEN: Saturday, January 28, 10 am to 4 pm (RSVP here.) 

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