Sept. 29 Could Determine the Future of Energy in MA

speak_truth_to_power_5.jpgOur state legislators are about to make a series of monumental decisions about energy policy -- the kind of decisions that come only once every few decades. Legislators are considering new legislation to support solar and wind, they're debating new transmission lines and gas pipelines, and they're preparing to spend billions of dollars replacing aging energy infrastructure. 

On September 29, lawmakers are holding a crucial hearing about Massachusetts energy policy, including solar, offshore wind, hydropower, and new gas pipelines. 

This hearing covers a much, much bigger array of topics than normal hearings, and we're working with our allies in the Mass Power Forward coalition to make sure we pack the room. The choices that legislators make after September 29 will determine where we get our energy for many years to come. The stakes have never been higher: we need you there to speak truth to power.

WHAT: Legislative Hearing on Solar, Wind, Hydro and Gas
WHEN: Tue, September 29, 12pm – 5pm 
We're joining the rest of the Mass Power Forward coalition for a rally at noon outside the State House. The hearing itself starts at 1 pm in Gardner Auditorium. Note that you don't have to stay the whole time! 
WHERE: Gardner Auditorium, MA State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston 
RSVP here. 

Pope Francis Comes to the U.S.!

pope-francis.jpgFor many of us, it seems that nothing short of divine intervention could prompt the U.S. Congress to act on climate change.

But in the absence of an actual miracle, a visit by Pope Francis might be the next best thing.

As Pope Francis addresses Congress on climate and other issues, we're celebrating the pontiff’s leadership and using his visit as a long-awaited opportunity to bring attention to the urgent need to act on global warming. 350 Mass members across the state have joined forces with local churches and community centers to organize screenings of the Pope’s visit -- check out the full list of "watch parties" here!

Drawing a Line in the Sand in West Roxbury

11998968_10206391532261398_6455503941118493444_n.jpgThe battle against the West Roxbury pipeline has entered a critical stage. Last week, a ruling by a federal judge gave Spectra permission to begin construction within Boston -- despite the unanimous opposition of local residents and their elected officials. 

Now, we need to show Spectra that this fight is not over. On September 27, pipeline fighters from all over Massachusetts are gathering for a massive rally and march. This is our chance to draw a line in the sand against new pipelines. We need you there!

What: Rally and March against West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline
When: Sun, September 27, 2pm – 5pm
Where: Billings Field (approximately 50 Lagrange Street, West Roxbury)
RSVP here. 


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