Should We Be Forced to Pay for New Gas Pipelines?

On February 25, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities is holding a hearing about whether or not Eversource customers should be forced to pay for the giant Access Northeast pipeline project.  

We need to stand up and speak out. We should not be forced to pay for polluting new pipelines we don't need!

350 Mass will be doing a street action starting at 1:30 pm outside South Station (the Department of Public Utilities is located above the train station at 1 South Station, Boston). We will hold a large banner that says: "Big Sneaky Pipeline Meeting Happening Here," sing songs and hand out leaflets to get some public awareness.

We'll then attend the hearing, which starts at 2:00 pm and will probably go for a few hours. 
  • No need to pre-register to testify; sign-up on arrival.
  • Please dress in professional attire.
  • Bring ID. 
  • Here's some draft background information and possible talking points for folks who want to pre-write their testimony. We'll  be sending around sample testimony and finalized talking points this week. We'll also have talking points available there for those who just want to show up and testify. For feedback on your testimony, feel free to email your draft to
  • We'll have small signs for folks to hold in the hearing room, although they may be taken away.
Shea Riester (shea@betterfutureproject.org857-756-3730) will be bottom-lining for 350 Mass on the day of, so feel free to email, call or text if you have any questions!

350 Mass Supports Boston Gas USW Local 12003

With the clock winding down on upcoming contract negotiations with National Grid, the members of Boston Gas USW Local 12003 have authorized their union leadership to call for a strike, if needed. 

One of the major issues under discussion is that National Grid has been replacing union workers with contractors, leading to serious safety concerns. 

“Massachusetts relies on our workers to repair dangerous gas leaks and protect and maintain key infrastructure, yet National Grid wants to outsource this work to contractors who often lack the experience and expertise to adequately do it,” Joe Kirylo, president of USW Local 12003, said in a recent statement.

350 Mass recognizes the dangers posed by gas infrastructure and the importance of ensuring that gas leaks are fixed in a timely fashion by skilled and well-compensated union workers. We stand with and support USW Boston Gas Local 12003 in their struggle for a fair contract with National Grid. Please stay tuned for more information on how you can offer your support! 

Governor Baker Wants YOU to Pay for New Pipelines -- Sign the Postcard to Governor Baker!

Screen_Shot_2016-01-18_at_11.09.14_AM.pngGovernor Baker's recent "State of the Commonwealth" speech last week was perhaps most interesting for what it didn't include. A good portion of the speech was devoted to energy -- and yet Governor Baker didn't ever mention the words "natural gas". 

We know that behind closed doors, Baker's appointees at the Department of Public Utilities and the Department of Energy Resources are pushing to make all of us pay for new gas pipelines. But Governor Baker himself seems to think that if he never mentions gas, we'll assume he's on our side. 

In a way, Baker's silence is a sign of our strength: he's staying quiet because he knows that our movement is loud, powerful, and united. But Baker's silence is not enough: we need him to actively stand up against new gas infrastructure. 

Over the coming months, we'll be working to call on Governor Baker to take a stand and stop the pipeline tax. Join us: click here to tell Governor Baker that you don't want to pay for polluting new pipelines, and then share the link with your friends and family! 

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