10 Years Since Hurricane Katrina

ten_years_updated_time.jpgOn August 29, it will be 10 years since Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast. A decade later, the hurricane remains a symbol why we work to confront the climate crisis: as the world warms, super-storms like Katrina will become all too common.

Katrina is also a reminder of the complex ways in which climate change overlaps with other forms of injustice. It’s no accident that those most impacted by Katrina were poor families of color. The criminalization of Black and Latino citizens, the displacement of poor communities by gentrification, and neglect by elected officials and government institutions all contributed to the pain, fear and trauma of the storm. In the ten years since, continued discrimination and systemic racism have made it hard for communities to recover. Reflecting on Katrina reminds us that fighting for climate justice means fighting for an economic and political system that offers dignity, security and freedom to all.

On August 29th, we'll commemorate the 10th anniversary of Katrina with an event that will include video profiles documenting climate change in the Gulf South, a panel with climate and environmental justice leaders from organizations like Neighbor to Neighbor and Alternatives for Community and Environment, and a reception. This is a moment to reflect, discuss, and deepen our commitment to justice. Join us!

There will be a sliding scale donation to help support organizing by Gulf South Rising

WHAT: Hurricane Katrina: 10th Anniversary Reflections on Climate, Race and Justice 
WHEN: Saturday, Aug 29, 2-5 pm
WHERE: Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, 100 Malcolm X Blvd, Roxbury

Huge Crowds Tell FERC to Reject the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

unnamed_(28).jpgHundreds of people descended on Greenfield and Pittsfield last week for crucial Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hearings about Kinder Morgan's Northeast Direct gas pipeline! Turn-out was huge, with packed rooms in both towns and more than 600 people at the Greenfield hearing alone. FERC heard loud and clear that Massachusetts does not want this dangerous, polluting and unnecessary new pipeline. Congratulations to everyone who worked to spread the word about these hearings, especially the 350 Mass Pioneer Valley and Berkshires nodes! You can read more about the hearings in the Daily Hampshire Gazette and The Berkshire Eagle.

Calling on the Legislature to Raise the Net Metering Cap

CLK-XwcWoAAk6QB_(1).jpgLast week represented a major push in the effort to keep solar working for Massachusetts! 350 Mass joined Environment Massachusetts, Clean Water Action, and other groups outside the State House for a rally and lobby day in favor of raising the caps on net metering. Net metering is a crucial program that allows solar owners to be paid for the power they generate, but there's a cap on the number of projects that can participate. The cap has been hit in 171 communities across the state, bringing our solar progress to a screeching halt. In addition to rallying, we helped flood Speaker DeLeo's office with phone calls asking him to raise the cap. Unfortunately, the legislature adjourned for their summer recess without taking action. We'll keep building power over the next few weeks, and we'll be back in September stronger than ever and ready to keep fighting for solar! 

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