Who Are You Calling an Eco-Terrorist?

PicMonkey_Collage.jpgBerkshire Gas spokesperson Christopher Farrell recently accused Kinder Morgan pipeline opponents of "eco-terrorism". Um....seriously? 

The op-ed that we wrote in response has just been published by the Daily Hampshire Gazette. 

As we wrote: 

"We’ve been looking for the eco-terrorists, and so far, we haven’t had much luck. Was Farrell referring to the mothers and grandmothers in Amherst who have been collecting petition signatures against the pipeline? The farmers in Deerfield who hosted a rally in their apple and peach orchard last summer? The Quaker pilgrims who walked the entire pipeline route a few weeks ago, praying as they went? As terrorists go, we’re a pretty sorry bunch." 

Check out the rest of the op-ed by clicking here!

Standing in Solidarity, from Baltimore to Boston and beyond

Many of us are part of this movement because we see climate change as a social justice issue. We’re fighting for a clean energy economy because we know that the use of fossil fuels has devastating consequences for people already facing economic and racial injustice -- especially communities of color here in the US and around the world. From poisoned air to polluted water, from droughts to flooding to extreme storms, communities of color are hit first and hit hardest.

But to truly stand in solidarity with the communities most impacted by fossil fuel use and global warming, we need to do more than demand action on climate change: we need to confront the other types of oppression and injustice that affect communities of color. When people of color are beaten or killed by the police, we have an obligation to speak out. 

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47 Groups Call for a Clean Energy Economy at New England Governors Meeting

Screen_Shot_2015-04-27_at_10.17.20_AM.pngThe governors of six New England states, including Massachusetts, met in Hartford, Connecticut last week to discuss regional energy policy. On just a few days notice, 47 groups, including 350Mass, mobilized to issue a joint press release calling on the governors to focus on renewables and efficiency, not dirty fossil fuels. Dozens of activists from across the region gathered in person outside the meeting to bring the message home! Check out the video here!


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