Road to the MA Green New Deal

RISE for Climate, Jobs, and Justice

The Green New Deal has captured the imagination of people around the United States. Here in Massachusetts, 350 Mass Volunteers have committed to pursuing the Road to a Massachusetts Green New Deal as our organization's campaign for 2019-2020.

What does that mean? Good question. 

We believe that a Green New Deal in Massachusetts must include three primary components:

  1. A rapid decarbonization of our economy
  2. Massive government investment in green jobs and climate resilience infrastructure
  3. Address longstanding racial, economic, environmental, and other social inequities

Keeping those three components in mind, we recognize that 350 Massachusetts can not embark on this project alone. For far too long the climate movement has attempted to take unilateral action on the climate crisis and failed. In "Open Letter From 1 Sky From the Grassroots," grassroots environmental, climate, labor, and economic justice groups voiced their concern with how climate advocacy groups made decisions and compromised on behalf of low-income communities and communities of color on the frontlines. 

In response to their criticisms, and the concerns about the Green New Deal raised by the Climate Justice Alliance, we are committed to building a truly representative table of labor groups, environmental justice groups, climate action groups, and others to discuss what will be included in a Massachusetts Green New Deal. 

Meanwhile, we are also committed to continue to grow our capacity as a movement, at the municipal and state levels, by expanding our base and pursuing tactics that align with the primary components of the Green New Deal mentioned above. See our plans in greater detail here.

Watch this webinar to see hear more about our plans for the Road to a MA Green New Deal:

Comments for the MA Energy Efficiency Advisory Council!

The 3-year plan for the Massachusetts Energy Advisory Council is in its final stages of approval and written comments will be welcome until October 10.

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Join 350 Mass at RISE For Climate, Jobs, Immigrant Rights, & Justice!

RSVP for RISE for Climate, Jobs, Immigrant Rights, & Justice in Boston on September 8th!

Details: East Boston Memorial Park (right outside Airport T-Stop) September 8th, 12-5pm noon 

Climate change impacts people of color, low-wage workers, and Indigenous peoples—here and around the world—first and worst.  Extreme heat, drought, floods, wildfires, storms, and poisoned oceans caused by fossil fuel pollution worsen the war, famine, poverty, violence, and oppression they already face. Many are left with no choice but to leave their homes and seek refuge in the U.S., only to be met with more violence and oppression by our own government.

Families are being torn apart. Ecosystems are collapsing. People are dying. The tide is rising...but so are we.

As governors, mayors, and corporate reps meet at the Global Climate Action Summit in CA—and as our own Governor & Legislature in MA continue to accept money from the fossil fuel industry and then fail to enact commonsense climate and immigration reforms—we’ll prove that real climate leadership rises from the grassroots up and doesn’t leave anyone behind.

On Sept 8 (and beyond), local climate and immigrant justice groups are joining forces to strengthen relationships across our movements, build collective power, and demand accountability and ACTION on climate change and immigrant rights:  100% renewable energy for all.  Dignity & respect for all.

JOIN US to envision & build a JUST TRANSITION in MA: FROM dirty coal, oil, & gas TO clean wind & solar power. FROM prisons & deportations TO freedom & sanctuary. FROM worker abuse TO safe, green, family-sustaining union jobs. FROM gentrification & displacement TO affordable housing & transit. FROM corporate control TO community control. FROM polluted air, water, & soil TO healthy people & planet. FROM extraction & exploitation TO economic & environmental justice.

On Sept 8: Resist - Learn - Build - Connect - Act - RISE - for Climate & Immigrant Justice

Join us for the Climate, Jobs, & Justice outdoor “People’s School.”  It will start with a short kickoff rally that highlights the intersections of our issues, the failings of our political system in MA, and the urgency of this moment for us to come together and take action. The rest of the day will consist of interactive teach-ins, skill-shares, and art-builds that touch on a range of intersectional topics to educate folks, build relationships, and lift up the work of local frontline groups. The day would culminate in a closing action, yet to be determined.

Note about event location: East Boston is an Environmental Justice community, with majority Latinx and immigrant residents facing severe climate impacts from being surrounded by water, environmental burdens from Logan Airport, gentrification and displacement, and challenges due to immigration status--AND a long history of powerful organizing, resistance, and resilience. We are teaming up with local residents and organizations to put a spotlight on local campaigns for immigrant, worker, and climate justice, including GreenRoots' grassroots campaign against the construction of an Eversource electric substation on the banks of Chelsea Creek next to 8 million gallons of jet fuel in an area projected to flood. That's why we're holding our event at the East Boston Memorial Park, just across the road from the proposed substation site. On Sept 8, we will RISE with local community members to resist this and other instances of environmental racism in East Boston and throughout the city.

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