Gov. Baker Wants YOU to Pay for Pipelines

Governor Baker's administration is trying to add a charge to our electricity bills to cover the costs of massive new gas pipelines. This is an outrageous proposal that represents an unprecedented giveaway to the fossil fuel industry. We need to stand up and speak out now, before we find ourselves paying billions for fossil fuel pipelines we don't want and don't even need!

But almost no one knows about Governor Baker's outrageous pipeline proposal -- yet. We're out to change that. Join us by posting on Facebook and Twitter and telling Governor Baker what you'd rather pay for! 

Tell the World What You'd Rather Pay for! 

2016-03-28_10.27.17.jpg1. Print out this template OR hand write this message in large black letters on a blank piece of paper: 

"New pipelines?

I'd rather pay for _________________________ 


2. Fill in the blank with what you'd rather pay for, instead of new gas pipelines! Creativity encouraged -- we've seen everything from "wind and solar" to "public education" to "tacos" to "dance lessons"!

3. Find a well-lit spot and have a friend take a picture of you with your sign.

4. Upload your photo to Facebook and choose one of the messages below to share along with it. It’s important to include #NotOnMyBill! If you can, you should also "tag" Governor Baker by typing @Charlie Baker as part of your post (Charlie Baker's public profile should automatically pop up when you do this). 

2016-03-28_10.28.20.jpgSample messages: 

  • We don’t need new gas pipelines but @Charlie Baker wants to make us pay for them. #NotOnMyBill

  • No new gas pipelines! Climate change? #NotOnMyBill! Gas has no place in our clean energy future @Charlie Baker

  • You want to charge me for new gas pipelines that we don’t even need??! #NotOnMyBill @Charlie Baker

  • @Charlie Baker I say no fracking way to your secret pipeline plan! We don’t need new gas pipelines and I won’t pay for them. #NotOnMyBill

4. Thanks for participating and please keep it going! Encourage your friends to share their own photos! 


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