Boston Call In Day 6/8

Monday is a day of action for the Boston node. Please join us in calling Mayor Walsh and Senators Warren and Markey to put pressure on them to stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. When our lawmakers hear from constituents it gives them the confidence they need to do the right thing. They keep a tally of what we care about so every phone call LITERALLY counts. Ask your loved ones, friends, and coworkers to call too.

Monday, June 8, 9AM- 5PM 

Ask to speak with the chief aid listed. When informed “they have stepped out” request to leave a message and leave the ask with any embellishment you desire. It is useful to also leave your phone number and e-mail and ask them to get back to you with the senator’s or Mayor’s current position on this.

Senator Warren:

Chris Lange

[email protected]


Senator Markey:

David Brade

[email protected]



"As a constituent who would suffer the consequences, I respectfully ask that the senator:

1) Publicly oppose any fracked gas pipelines in this state until the Boston and MA health departments hold an open public hearing to determine the health & safety risks to MA citizens.

2) I also ask that the Senator do everything in his/her power to work with FERC to grant a rehearing of the Spectra and Kinder Morgan's permit requests.


Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Jerome M. Smith, Chief of Civic Engagement

[email protected]


"As a citizen who would suffer the consequences and is concerned for the wellbeing of my neighbors, I respectfully ask that the mayor publicly oppose any new fracked gas pipelines in the city of Boston by refusing to permit those projects until the Boston Public Health Commission holds an open public hearing to determine the health & safety risks to all of Boston's citizens."


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