canceled.jpgOn Tuesday evening, Carolyn Barthel, one of the leaders of the Central Mass node of 350 Mass, got a call from a representative of Spectra Energy, a Texas-based fossil fuel company. 
For once, Spectra Energy had some good news: they've decided to cancel the Q1 loop, a 3.1 mile stretch of new gas pipeline that would have been built through Franklin, Medway, Norfolk and Bellingham as part of the Atlantic Bridge pipeline expansion project. 
The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board confirmed the cancelation on Tuesday evening. 
This is a major victory for the 350 Mass Central Mass node and for all the Franklin, Medway, Norfolk and Bellingham residents who mobilized to stop the pipeline!
Spectra has faced fierce local opposition to all of their pipeline proposals, including the Q-1 loop, and they've been steadily scaling back the size of the Atlantic Bridge project over the last few months. We'll build on this momentum as we continue working to #StopSpectra in Weymouth, West Roxbury and beyond. 
Interested in getting involved in our work to stop new gas pipelines? Consider attending a 350 Mass node meeting in your local area! 


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