Climate Change: It's On Us

Bill Green, who was just elected as coordinator of the 350 Mass Cambridge Node, sent this note to friends and family a few weeks ago to share his new commitment to climate activism.

About a month ago, as our back yard garden re-awoke and fruit trees bloomed in the orchard, I began shaping a commitment, a pledge to “go public,” on the issue of climate change. I would begin owning this as one of my social and environmental responsibilities: to actively work towards addressing the huge challenges of largely human-driven global warming to the natural environment and to future generations.

So what has that commitment meant? 

For me, it meant that I sought out and started working as a volunteer with 350 Mass. Some of my new education relates to a state-wide campaign issue of establishing a fair price on carbon and its emissions. Turns out, much to my astonishment, that this movement has recently achieved remarkable momentum locally, nationally, and internationally (European oil companies are backing a carbon fee or tax).

Additionally, for me, it means frequent meetings on climate change issues, internet communication re: climate change on near daily basis, working with like-minded, devoted individuals to reach out on climate change, some rallies, etc. and, on Wednesday July 15, a house party devoted to the topic of fair pricing of carbon, particularly as relates to understanding and supporting the legislation now under consideration in the Massachusetts Senate.

And also, what this commitment means for me:  I’ve been able to abandon my reticent, usual shy, tentative way and expose my personal feelings and convictions enough to write this rather longer than anticipated letter of outreach to each of you, perhaps prompting some extra thought about what more each of us might do to personally bring about much-needed change (other than climate change). Pope Francis is in, and the momentum is building; next, we need to bring the politicians and business community along with us.

If my “public declaration” on this touches you in any way, and you want to talk, become more active, join the effort, or come to the house party, etc. please don’t hesitate to communicate by email or phone.  What won’t work is for us to just sit back and read about the myriad threats of global climate change, ponder the reality, guess at the percent contribution from human activities now and in the near future, etc. Instead of remaining agents in limbo, we need to become agents for change.  Not easy, but yes: it can be done.

A gentleman’s/woman’s “C” on this won’t hack it.  There are people and organizations out there working on it; and there’s the sense within our hearts that we should be part of it. Join me and become part of it!

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