Massachusetts Senate Passes Net Metering Bill -- Now, It's Up to the House

net_metering_bill.jpgOn Thursday, the Massachusetts State Senate unanimously passed S.1973, a climate adaptation bill that includes an amendment addressing solar power. The amendment would largely eliminate the state's caps on net metering, making it easier for solar owners all over the state to be paid for the power they generate. Although the amendment isn't perfect, it's a big step in the right direction. Now, it's up to the House to act!

Please call your state representative today and ask them to support raising the net metering cap!

1) Click here to look up the name and contact information of your State Representative. 

2) Ask your State Representative to support raising the net metering cap. Here's a basic script you can use: 

I’m a constituent of yours and a member of 350 Massachusetts. I'm calling to urge you to support raising the cap on net metering so that the solar industry can continue to provide clean energy and good jobs to Massachusetts. A Boston clean energy firm has estimated that between 10 and 20 solar jobs are lost per day as long as the cap remains in place. Millions of dollars of investments are leaving our state, and low-income solar projects are blocked in 170+ communities. This is unacceptable. Please support raising the net metering caps today. 

If your legislator is already supportive of raising the net metering cap, you should thank them for their position and ask them to reach out to their colleagues on this issue. For a list of legislators who have already co-sponsored net metering legislation this session, click here.

If your legislator is interested in learning more, you can refer them to the Next Generation Solar Policy Framework, which lays out a comprehensive policy framework for promoting solar power in Massachusetts. 

3) Fill out the form here and let us know how your call went! 

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