Get ready to start defending the election on Nov. 4

350 Mass joins with many other organizations in calling on people to get ready to resist an illegitimate power grab with massive peaceful protests, and to insist that all votes be counted.  History teaches that responding promptly with massive peaceful protests – such as demonstrations, strikes, and other forms of nonviolent resistance - is the most effective way to resist a coup. 

Hopefully that will not be necessary. If the results are clear enough by the end of election night to lock up a majority of the Electoral College votes, that probably would deter any coup-like activity. We may wake on November 4 knowing who our next President will be, and the results of many other important races.

Or not. 

President Trump has expressed a disturbing willingness to ignore the popular vote - for example, demanding that the election results be decided on election night, without waiting for all the mail-in ballots to be counted. He has repeatedly alleged that such ballots can’t be trusted. Political leaders in some battleground states have already discussed the possibility of rejecting the popular vote as too fraud-ridden to be binding, and appointing their own chosen set of electors to the Electoral College!

So, how can you and others get ready?

  1. Save the date! Be ready to show up Nov. 4 (and possibly beyond).
  2. Take this pledge, sign this petition to Governor Baker, and ask your friends to do the same.
  3. RSVP here to the rally on Boston Common currently planned for 3:30 pm on Nov. 4, or enter your zip code and choose another event near you. (RSVP in order to get updates.)
  4. Pick a buddy – or a squad – to go with you. (More safe, more fun.)

Want more background? Sign up for the webinar How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab (offered nightly Oct. 25 - 30). 

Willing to help out the Boston rally? Email David at [email protected] if you have been trained as a marshall or peacekeeper. You can register here for online marshal training this Wednesday, 10/28, 5-7 pm (for both first-timers and those with experience; will separate into breakout rooms based on experience).  And potentially useful for anyone: Nonviolent action training (basic skills for mass mobilizations; offered every night Oct. 25 – Nov. 3)

Spread the word! Share this document or otherwise make people aware & ready. Think about a broad reach, not just to known progressives & political activists. Such peaceful protests succeed when they include the “center”, not just the left. 

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