Don't Make Us Pay for Pipelines - Part Two!

Screen_Shot_2016-02-17_at_5.47.02_PM.pngGovernor Charlie Baker doesn't just want to build massive new gas pipelines through our state. He wants YOU to pay for them through a charge added to your monthly electricity bills. 

Gov. Baker wants all of us to foot the bill for new fossil fuel pipelines that would make it impossible for our state to meet its climate goals. His pipeline rate hike proposal must be stopped! 

Baker's Department of Public Utilities held a hearing about this proposal last week, and we stunned DPU officials by turning out in huge numbers, filling the hearing room, the overflow room, and even the hallways. 

There's another hearing coming up next week -- and we need to be there even louder, bigger and bolder than before! 
We'll have a street action outside (complete with a giant Charlie Baker puppet) and then deliver creative testimony at the hearing itself. Join us! 

We're determined to keep fighting Gov. Baker's pipeline rate hike in any way we can. In addition to these hearings, we've been bird-dogging Governor Baker, asking legislators and other elected officials to speak out, collecting petitions, and more. We need all the help we can get -- if you're interested in getting more involved, let us know!

WHEN: 1:00 pm, Thursday, March 10
WHERE TO MEET US: Join us for a street action starting at 1:00 pm right outside South Station. At 2:00, we'll go to the Department of Public Utilities for the hearing. If you want to offer testimony, you can find talking points here.
CONTACT: Emily Kirkland, [email protected], 646 623 5271

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