June 4 Distributed Actions Against the Pipeline Tax!

CkHoKuLWEAAmfLn_(1).jpgOn June 4, communities all over the state organized creative actions to spread the word about the pipelines and Governor Baker's plan to make us pay for them. We distributed thousands of mock electric bills drawing attention to Governor Baker's tax, with people out in the streets spreading the word in Weymouth, Lowell, Medford, Cambridge, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, Holyoke, Worcester, Orleans, New Bedford, Newton, and Windsor. Thanks to us, thousands of people heard for the first time on Saturday about Governor Baker's plan to charge us for new pipelines! 

From street theater to puppets to banner drops, the creativity on display was tremendous. Check out some of the great photos here, plus media hits from HolyokeNewton and Orleans
As Angela Estrada, member of Neighbor to Neighbor and Worcester resident, says: "It is outrageous that the ENERGY companies are trying to profit themselves by putting on us the construction cost of their new gas pipelines. We need NO more pipelines hurting our health, our environment, and our pockets."

Want to organize an action of your own? You can download a printable version of the fake electric bill here!



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