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    The Road to 100% Renewable Energy for Municipalities


    More than 50 cities and towns across the United States setting a goal of 100% renewable energy. Over the past year Massachusetts has taken a leading role in this national campaign.

    All over the state, 350 Mass volunteers are engaging their neighbors and their local governments in the fight for 100% renewables and a fossil free future.

    So far our network has helped Salem, Cambridge, Framingham, Lowell, and Beverly all pass resolutions for 100% renewables in their city and town councils. Our network goal is to pass at least ten resolutions for 100% renewable energy by the end of 2018.

    Municipalities who pass 100% renewable energy resolutions will:

    1) Set a goal of reaching 100% renewable energy citywide by a specific date

    2) Commit to taking at least two concrete and immediate steps to move the city or town closer to 100% renewable energy for all. 

    Want to be part of it? First, check out our campaign handbook, which will walk you through the steps for running a campaign for 100% renewable energy in your town or city! You can download it here.

    Then, fill our our 100% Renewable Cities Interest form and our organizers will follow up with you to help get you started! 

    Questions? Email the 350 Mass Director of Organizing, Alan Palm, [email protected] 

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    Call Your Rep About the Energy Bill TODAY!


    Background Info:

    We are down to the wire, everyone. We have just two days, at most, until a joint Senate-House committee releases their final version of the big energy omnibus bill. From there, it will go to the House and Senate for an up-or-down vote, and then onward to the Governor's desk to be signed into law.

    Our movement has put up a hell of a fight over the last year, and our opposition knows it. They're going all-out in these final days, with front groups like the "Consumers Energy Alliance" running TV ads, making robocalls, and more.

    The committee is operating behind closed doors, and solid information is hard to come by. But it sounds like our opposition may be gaining ground. We're hearing that the committee is leaning towards staying silent on the pipeline tax. And although they'll offer some support for clean energy and offshore wind, it may not be as much as we need.

    With the hours counting down until the bill is done, our movement needs to make one last push!

    How to Call: 

    Please call your representative TODAY!

    1. Look up your state representative's name and phone number by entering your street address here.

    2. Call your state representative's office. Tell them you are calling about the big energy bill and that you have a message that you would like your representative to pass along to Speaker De Leo and the members of the conference committee. Tell them that you want a bill that ensures 2,000 MW of offshore wind, doubles the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and bans the pipeline tax.

    3. Report your call below!

    4. Have five more minutes? Make a few more calls! Contact Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) and the three House members of the conference committee, Rep. Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill, 617-722-2990), Rep. Thomas Golden (D-Lowell, 617-722-2263) and Rep. Bradley Jones (R-North Reading, 617-722-2100). Share the same message: we want a bill that ensures 2,000 MW of offshore wind, doubles the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and bans the pipeline tax! 

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Thousands of MA residents fighting for our state's speedy & just transition to a carbon-free economy. #ActOnClimate #ClimateJustice #FightLikeHell
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