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On April 20th Kinder Morgan suspended the Northest Energy Direct (NED) pipeline projectWe remain vigilant but are cautiously optimistic that people power stopped the NED pipeline project! 

14848428182_6d00a8af1e_z.jpgEnergy giant Kinder Morgan wants to build a massive new gas pipeline to bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania through Western Massachusetts to Dracut and expand its current capacity in Berkshire and Hampden County. The big proposed pipeline project, also known as the Northeast Energy Direct (NED), would be part of the existing Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) network owned by Kinder Morgan and would deepen our dependence on fossil fuels at a moment when we should be transitioning to clean energy as quickly as possible. In addition, the project would affect families, farmland, and some of New England's most beautiful conservation areas through eminent domain, construction clearing, and the constant risk of leaks and explosions.

The capacity of Kinder Morgan’s proposed NED pipeline vastly exceeds the needs of New England. Evidence points to high demand (and prices) in Europe as being a big lure for Kinder Morgan (and other pipeline companies) and proposals for gas export facilities in Nova Scotia could be the real destination for Kinder Morgan’s gas. 


Kinder Morgan's NED proposal has sparked immense grassroots resistance. Dozens of towns have passed resolutions against the pipeline, and elected officials like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, and Governor Charlie Baker now publicly oppose the proposal.

In an attempt to head off the controversy, Kinder Morgan re-routed portions of the pipeline in December 2014 to go through New Hampshire instead of parts of Massachusetts. But re-routing the pipeline does nothing to address concerns about spills, leaks, climate change, fossil fuel dependence, and gas exports. Most towns that have had the pipeline rerouted through them have already passed resolutions opposing it. Our movement won't be giving up until the pipeline proposal is off the table forever. 

Kinder Morgan also has a second project in the works to build stretches of new pipeline in Berkshire and Hampden counties as part of the Connecticut Expansion. Like NED, the Connecticut Expansion would increase our reliance on fossil fuels while putting wilderness and local communities at risk. Though smaller, this project has also met massive grassroots opposition. 

Learn More

  • Our allies at No Fracked Gas in Mass have an incredible array of resources about the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, including up-to-the-minute updates and news. 
  • The Massachusetts Pipeline Awareness Network is a coalition of groups and organizations opposed to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. Their site has background information about the project and great maps of the pipeline route. 
  • The Berkshires node of 350Mass has a great website with information about both pipeline proposals and suggestions for how to take action locally. 

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