No Pipeline Surveying on Public Lands!

Kinder Morgan's Northeast Direct pipeline would require a 100-ft right-of-way through many of Massachusetts' State Forests, State Parks, and Wildlife Management Areas -- places that are home to precious wetlands, endangered species and wildlife. Now, Governor Baker's administration is pressuring the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, as well as the Dept. of Fish and Game, to allow Kinder Morgan's surveyors onto these public lands! Join us in calling on Governor Baker and his administration to stand strong, keep these lands protected, and deny access to Kinder Morgan.

Sign the petition, then call and email these administration officials and tell them to deny Kinder Morgan's surveyors access to public lands:

Matthew Beaton, EOEEA
Email: [email protected]
Office phone no.: 617-626-1000

Carol Sanchez
Dept. Of Conservation and Recreation
Email:[email protected]
Main Dept. Phone: 617-626-1250

George Peterson, Dept. of Fish and Game
Email: [email protected]
Office phone no.: 617-626-1500


Who did you call, and what response did you get?

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