Push Gov. Baker to Do Better on Climate

President-elect Trump has already announced he will pull us out of the Paris climate agreements. What will happen to the Clean Power Plan? To the EPA itself?

We all have so many questions, fears, and doubts. But one thing is clear: there is a LOT we can still do at the state and local level. One of the best things you can do is join me in pushing on our very own Governor Baker.

Contact Governor Baker using this form. 

Share your election feelings and angst and remind Governor Baker that this is a moment for leadership! Here's a basic template -- but you should definitely modify it. 

Dear Governor Baker,

In the wake of the election of a climate denier, I am calling on you to be a climate champion. 

1. Please stop supporting new gas infrastructure immediately
2. Get Massachusetts to beat our 2020 global warming goals

We are looking to you for leadership at this critical moment. Our state, and our world, needs you to step up!

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