The Road to 100% Renewable Energy for Municipalities


More than 50 cities and towns across the United States setting a goal of 100% renewable energy. Over the past year Massachusetts has taken a leading role in this national campaign.

All over the state, 350 Mass volunteers are engaging their neighbors and their local governments in the fight for 100% renewables and a fossil free future.

So far our network has helped Salem, Cambridge, Framingham, Lowell, and Beverly all pass resolutions for 100% renewables in their city and town councils. Our network goal is to pass at least ten resolutions for 100% renewable energy by the end of 2018.

Municipalities who pass 100% renewable energy resolutions will:

1) Set a goal of reaching 100% renewable energy citywide by a specific date

2) Commit to taking at least two concrete and immediate steps to move the city or town closer to 100% renewable energy for all. 

Want to be part of it? First, check out our campaign handbook, which will walk you through the steps for running a campaign for 100% renewable energy in your town or city! You can download it here.

Then, fill our our 100% Renewable Cities Interest form and our organizers will follow up with you to help get you started! 

Questions? Email the 350 Mass Director of Organizing, Alan Palm, [email protected] 

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