Road to the MA Green New Deal

Young members of the Sunrise Movement take over the Capitol

A Green New Deal is an exciting framework that likely includes at least three primary goals: a rapid decarbonization of the economy, massive government investment in green jobs and infrastructure, and addressing longstanding racial, economic, environmental, and other social inequities -both protection of and investment in communities that have borne the brunt of oppression, income inequality, and industrial pollution.

Over the next two years, we will:

  • Work towards defining a Massachusetts Green New Deal  We hope to help bring together a coalition of partners, frontline groups, and any others who will join us, to create a package addressing decarbonization that centers economic and racial justice.
  • Build our organization to make us powerful enough to make a Massachusetts Green New Deal a reality.
  • Secure what victories we can that align with the principles of a Green New Deal at the local and state levels.

A Green New Deal must bring together the needs and hopes of many groups:  climate groups, environmental justice groups, labor unions, low income and frontline groups, Indigenous tribes, youth, faith groups and more. A first step will therefore be for 350 Mass to connect with key partners, frontline groups, and others, and work to help bring together a coalition, which will shape a Massachusetts Green New Deal. 

Until that Green New Deal takes shape, 350 Mass will lay the groundwork for moving it forward.  We will educate lawmakers and the public about the need for a Green New Deal, and about the urgency of the crisis.  In working towards initial goals that are consistent with the principles of a Green New Deal, we will build our people power and capacity, increasing our nodes, strengthening our legislative clout, and improving our connections with other groups.

We have a 9 Point Plan to help us achieve our goals:

Newton Passes Community Choice Aggregation

1) Build Local Power:  We will work on necessary local pieces of a GND, while building local support; simultaneously using these projects to grow or multiply nodes, recruit allies, bring up new leadership, and improve connections with municipal government.

We will ask each node to:

  • Win a municipal policy
      • Win at least one municipal policy in your area that advances and is aligned with the principles of a GND; examples will be outlined by the CCT.  Many nodes may choose to work on Community Aggregation; but if your municipality already has this (or otherwise feels it is unstrategic), another goal can be chosen.
  • Win MA GND endorsements
      • Win at least one endorsement of MA GND (once we know what it is)--town meeting, mayor, local ballot initiative, city council, state rep etc.  Choose whatever kind of endorsement is most strategic for your node. (The more endorsements, the merrier!)
  • Gain allies
      • Gain more allies by recruiting at least 2 local partner groups to join MA GND coalition (Details will be forthcoming).  In addition, set and accomplish your own goals for node growth / multiplication.

2) Change the Narrative:

US Mayors Conference

  • Educate the public about GND.  
      • Write LTEs, op-eds, local articles, radio/TV, social media projects supporting GND.  We may want a media working group.
      • Public education: host forums, talks, tabling, house parties etc.
  • Wake up the public to urgency of dealing with climate.
  • Reduce both the political power and the perceived expertise of the utilities.  
      • Encourage No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge; spread narrative about utilities interests vs public interest; possible public/direct actions targeting the utilities.

3) Win State Policy:Rally at the State House

  • Work to help create a coalition including substantive engagement from each of the following categories: climate, environmental justice, labor (including trades), Indigenous rights, immigrant rights, faith, youth, economic justice, other.
  • Win MPF priorities-- Win the passage of these bills (equitable carbon pricing, a just 100% renewable energy bill) that are in line with the GND and equity principles
  • Study and prioritize ways to win better policy outcomes:  possibilities include ballot initiative, democracy reform, building new nodes in key legislative districts, new legislative strategies.  Groups will study these options and make recommendations

Want to get involved? Join 350 Mass today! Get involved in one of our chapters across the state and one of our cross-chapter working groups. Here's what we have going on:

Allston/Brighton Ballot Initiative Exploration
Berkshires Democracy Reform
Boston Federal
Cambridge Green Buildings
Cape Cod Media
Franklin Municipal Resolutions Working Group
Lowell Solidarity Working Group
MetroNorth State Legislative Team (SLT)
MetroWest Transportation Working Group
Mystic Valley Youth Affinity Group
North Shore  
South Coast  
South Shore  
Upper Charles  

Watch our latest Road to the MA Green New Deal Webinar to learn more and take action with us!

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