Spectra Pipeline Expansions

B5KnBbjCEAE9fIx.jpgSpectra Energy, one of the country's largest fossil fuel companies, is trying to expand a network of gas pipelines that runs from the shale fields of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia through New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts to Canada. There are three expansion projects in the works: Algonquin Incremental Expansion, or AIM; Atlantic Bridge; and Access Northeast. 

All three projects will involve stretches of new pipeline and new and expanded compressor stations, as well as metering and regulation stations in highly populated areas. In addition, the expansions will require more gas to be pumped through existing pipelines, increasing the pressure and therefore the danger of accidents and leaks.

download_(5).jpegWe are working to stop all three projects. We provide training and resources to communities directly affected by the pipeline expansions, including West Roxbury, Weymouth, Quincy, Franklin, Millis, Norfolk, Medway, and Walpole. In addition, we connect activists to one another and to the broader 350 Massachusetts network.

Through community meetings, town and city resolutions, media coverage, outreach to elected officials, marches, rallies, and more, we're building a groundswell of opposition to stop Spectra in its tracks. 

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  • Our friends and allies in West Roxbury are working to stop the West Roxbury Lateral, which is part of the Algonquin Incremental Market Expansion, or AIM. Check out the groups fighting the West Roxbury Lateral, including Stop the West Roxbury Lateral, or SWRL, and Resist the Pipeline!
  • Our partners in New York have formed Stop the Algonquin Pipeline expansion, or SAPE, to fight the Spectra pipeline expansions. Learn more about their work here. 
  • Fighting Against Natural Gas, or FANG, has been extremely active fighting Spectra through marches, rallies and direct actions in Rhode Island. See the latest from FANG here.
  • The South Shore node of 350 Mass is working to stop a proposed compressor station in Weymouth. Learn more about that fight here. 
  • Supported by the Greater Franklin node of 350 Mass, the website NOspectraMA.org serves as a clearinghouse for comprehensive information about Spectra's Access Northeast project.

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