On the ground at Standing Rock: day one

We received this update at 11pm last night (2/21) from a 350 Mass Cambridge member who is at Standing Rock providing medical support to water protectors who are facing eviction if not evacuated from Sacred Stone camp by 2pm today. We will continue to share these updates on this blog and on our Facebook page as we receive them. Please hold the water protectors at Standing Rock in your thoughts today. 

16864122_1857628877859475_3432662853408624451_n.pngThe eviction at Standing Rock is set for 2:00PM 2/22

By Robert Master and Susan Labandibar

The weather forecast for 2:00PM tomorrow at Standing Rock Reservation is 37 degrees with a 33% chance of rain or snow. The forecast for what will transpire at Camp Aceti Sakowin is far less certain. At 2:00PM, Water Protectors will be given a choice of boarding last-chance buses to avoid arrest or staying and facing the music. Medics and corpsmen will be deployed close to the camp with a medical aid station less than a mile away all the needed medical support that is possible.

Please keep the last residents of Oceti Sakowin in your hearts and prayers tomorrow.

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