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    "Charlie on the M(B)TA"

    In 1949, Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes wrote "Charlie on the MTA" as the mayoral campaign song for the Progressive Party candidate in Boston. The witty lyrics tell the story of a man named Charlie who get's lost in Boston's decrepit subway system.

    70 years down the road, 350 Mass volunteers rewrote the lyrics to the iconic song to highlight how much further the MBTA has fallen into disrepair under Governor Charlie Baker! An affordable, accessible,  reliable, and green public transportation system is what we need for justice in our communities and to transition to a clean energy future for all.

    Watch the full video here!

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    10 Minute Heroes


    Who is this for?

    Ten Minute Heroes are people who are concerned about the climate crisis but have other commitments that keep them busy. They can’t go to meetings or attend rallies. They have jobs, they have kids, they travel, they are looking after elderly parents. Does this sound like you?

    What difference can ten minutes make?

    Many state legislators say that getting 5 or 10 phone calls or emails on a particular bill really gets their attention, and can be a game-changer for them.  We need you to make those calls. Various government agencies or certain corporations  periodically need our advice.  And sometimes, even the Governor needs to hear from us!

    A small number of state bills in Massachusetts can make a huge difference. And if Massachusetts does it right, we can set a model for the nation.  

    You probably don’t have time to keep of track of these bills, or to figure out which other issues are most important. But we do. And we’ll let you know when something important is on the table.  We’ll ask you to contact your representative, or another key person, and we’ll outline what what to say. Ten minutes. Done.

    How will it work?

    We ask for your email when you sign up. When we need you to take action, we’ll let you know via email. 

    You’ll recognize our emails—the subject will say, Heroes Call to Action!  You take action within the next day. If you’re calling a legislator, you can call at midnight, and leave voicemail! Every contact counts.

    We’ll let you know what happens. But we won’t clog up your email box—we know you’re busy!  

    Then what?

    Then—you are a Ten Minute Hero!  Instead of feeling uneasy because you are not in the fight, you can be proud that you are playing a crucial role.  Brag to your neighbors—you deserve to. (Even better—sign them up too!)

    Who is behind Ten Minute Heroes?

    Ten Minute Heroes is a program of 350 Massachusetts, a grassroots volunteer network committed to fighting climate change.  350 Mass works on state legislation, local policy, and changing the public narrative on climate change. We are supported by a small nonprofit, Better Future Project.

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    Halt New Gas Infrastructure

    On September 14, the Merrimack Valley faced an unprecedented tragedy - a series of “Armageddon-like” gas explosions that killed a teenager, injured ten others, and ignited fires in about 40 homes displacing many more.

    Climate advocates have been warning about the dangers of natural gas for years, and while this explosion is tragic, it was not unforeseeable. We hereby call for Governor Baker--who has previously pushed for the public to subsidize massive new gas infrastructure expansions--to immediately issue a freeze on all new natural gas construction in the state until after thorough investigations both of what happened in this situation and of the many vulnerabilities in our existing system are completed.

    We also call on Governor Baker to express his immediate and unconditional support for National Grid to end the lock-out of the USW Local 12003 union so that these skilled workers can return to the important task of cleaning up the tens of thousands of existing leaks in our state’s natural gas infrastructure.”

    1,154 signatures

    I demand that Governor Baker halt all new gas infrastructure projects, until:

    1) A thorough investigation into what happened at the tragedy in the Merrimack Valley is completed,

    2) An investigation into the vulnerabilities of the existing gas infrastructure projects is completed.

    I also call on Governor Baker to express his immediate and unconditional support for National Grid to end its lockout of gas workers union USW 12003. 

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