Our node was founded on June 26, 2019 by David Atkins.

As a group, we've had many presentations, including a GND Town Hall, a meeting with Rep McMurtry, a Net Zero Presentation by MCAN, and Zero Carbon Homes presentation by David Green. We have participated in direct action such as the Global Climate Strike (September 2019) and a Chase Bank Protest (November 2019). And during Covid Summer 2020, we helped collect signatures to get the transparency and climate questions on ballots and they passed in the Dedham/Westwood district!

We face many challenges in the months ahead as we all come out of Covid confinement.

We plan to:

  • figure out local goal(s) to Bring the GND Home in our local area
  • increase communication among local towns and surrounding local nodes
  • streamline our communication (largely by mirroring what 350 itself does with google docs)
  • encourage members to connect to the umbrella of 350's Working Groups
  • educate the local community and ourselves with an eye toward increasing membership.

CRGC's Mission Statement:

  1. To support the environmental, economic, and social goals of the Green New Deal.
  2. To spread the message that immediate, large-scale action is urgently needed to avoid a catastrophic future for our children and grandchildren.
  3. To empower and mobilize our communities by developing specific, concrete steps for addressing climate change at the local level and state level.
  4. To inspire and motivate our communities to move far beyond current recycling efforts.
  5. To build on the enthusiasm and energy of the youthful Sunrise Movement to reach out to a larger segment of the population