Our Current Campaign
2021-2022 - Bringing the Green New Deal Home

Following our two year campaign, Road to the MA Green New Deal, we are now launching a comprehensive campaign, coordinating with other climate movement partners, to rapidly reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions from the Massachusetts economy, and to do so while prioritizing social, racial and economic justice. 

Massachusetts will need well-paid workers to accomplish a rapid transition to audit buildings for energy efficiency, install insulation upgrades and new electric heating systems, install charging stations for electric vehicles, expand our commuter rail and mass transit systems, and to build the solar and offshore wind farms that will power our future. 

Massachusetts will need a comprehensive recruiting, training and certification program to fill those jobs, and to ensure full unionization rights. Jobs in a renewable, clean economy must prioritize young people, communities traditionally not welcome in the construction industries and people from the most impacted communities.

Our campaign addresses this challenge in three different ways with the understanding that policy, legislation, municipal engagement, funding and jobs are critical components of each.

  • Building the Green New Deal means requiring that new buildings be efficient and non-emitting and update Massachusetts existing building science and retrofit programs.

  • Putting the Green New Deal on the Road means reducing emissions from the transportation sector, including electrifying buses and commuter rail, expanding transit and promoting electric cars, trucks and vans in a way that makes these vehicles available to low and moderate income families and communities.

  • Powering the Green New Deal means replacing existing fossil fuel energy generation with non-emitting generation for all needs. It will require at least doubling current capacity, through solar, offshore wind and, where possible, small hydroelectric power. The program for powering the Green New Deal should provide support for community-owned solar plants, and individual rooftop solar, with special emphasis on building these facilities in EJ and other low income communities.

Our campaign recognizes that new sources of revenue, whether from the Biden Administration federal recovery or at the state level through creative forms of financing, is critical to Bringing the Green New Deal Home.


See our Legislative Agenda to see how we are bringing the green new deal home in Massachusetts this legislative session.


Our Past Campaigns

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  • 2013-2014 - Gov. Patrick's Climate Legacy: Stop the Worst, Build the Best and Price the Rest
  • 2015-2016 - People Over Pipelines
  • 2017-2018 - Jobs, Justice and Climate
  • 2019-2020 - Road to the Green New Deal