350 Mass is a dynamic organization managed by a member-led Statewide Steering Team with an elected Executive Committee. The organization is made up of both statewide working groups and local, member-led nodes. We have nodes from the Berkshires to Cape Cod. At the state level, our members conduct focused work ranging from legislative to direct action that supports our campaign goals.

Our Charter
350 Mass has a charter, developed with the extensive engagement of founding members, and updated periodically, which serves as a detailed guide and useful reference for all our work.

Statewide Steering Team
The Statewide Steering Team (SST) is formed from elected representatives from each node, and meets monthly to determine the objectives of the organization based on campaign goals. Every two years, the SST hosts an organization-wide campaign planning process that informs the work of members and staff. An Executive Committee elected by SST members steers our work, responds to immediate challenges, and prepares SST monthly agendas for ongoing work.

350 Mass is a statewide organization, but much of our work engages activism at the local level, where educating the public about climate change is linked to immediate, practical action. 

Working Groups
In addition to the work we do as participants in geographically-based nodes, we also come together as members of working groups to discuss and plan around specific topics and actions.

Our Partners
We recognize that the climate movement is larger than any one organization, and that one goal of our work is to bring about greater unity of action within an expanding movement, both through individual and coalition partnerships.