As a statewide organization we work on climate justice with a focus on Massachusetts, and when applicable, coordinate with regional and national efforts. We build power by holding regular meetings, by organizing events and actions, and by building coalitions for climate activism. Our members are interested in different facets of the climate mission, from electrifying transportation to climate legislation to coalition-building for a powerful movement. We are flexible and responsive and prioritize engagement and leadership by members committed to a just transition to a climate-safe future. 

Our work includes mobilization efforts, educational forums, protests and standouts, lobbying for legislation, a robust media presence and direct action tactics. We bring knowledge of science, government, organizing and the arts to our work. There is room for a wide range of interests and talents. In all of our work, we recognize that the climate movement is larger than any one organization, and that we must bring about greater unity in order to expand our influence and accomplish our goals.

Every two years, 350 Mass undertakes a member-led campaign planning process and sets new priorities based on accomplishments and current needs. Consideration is given to how our local work, driven mostly by our nodes, will complement statewide objectives. All 350 Mass campaigns are fully committed to and bound by the values of environmental justice, transparency, democracy, accountability, and inclusivity. 

Our 2021-2022 campaign framework is called Bringing the Green New Deal Home.