Climate Courage fights climate change via Direct Action.

Direct Action means demanding a specific action from a target, by going outside the usual channels of advocacy. It can include street theater, nonviolent civil disobedience, or other creative actions. Sit-ins, blockades, disrupting events, or strikes are direct actions.

Climate Courage may do any of these, and more. We target the fossil fuel industry and its supporters, as well as decision-makers who favor corporate profits over a livable planet. We also partner with other direct action groups confronting the climate crisis and ecological breakdown. We are nonviolent, but may risk arrest if that is required to accomplish our goals.

We need people in all roles: helping to plan and organize actions, showing up to support actions or hold signs, dealing with media, making signs and props, playing roles in street theater. We have a core group, the Climate Courage Planning Team, that meets regularly. Planning Team members have some experience with direct action, periodically serve as organizers for specific actions, and set the group's course. If you are interested in joining the Planning Team, indicate so in the sign up form.

Climate Courage is also active in our Slack workspace, sign up here!

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