When Today March 21, 2023 at 12:00pm 1 hr 30 mins
Where Downtown Crossing


The fossil fuel industry needs money to drill new wells, build new infrastructure, and otherwise create climate chaos.

Banks lend that money to the industry. (That's OUR money, that we have deposited in the bank.)

If banks stop lending them money, that could stop the industry from doing its dirty work.

Third Act, which is Bill McKibben's new organization, is sponsoring a national Day to Discredit Bad Banks.  Actions will urge customers to move their money away from the "Big Bad Banks" that do most of the lending and cut up their related credit cards, and will let the banks know that we won't let our money be used to destroy the planet's ecosystems.

Climate Courage, the direct action wing of 350 Mass, will be organizing a protest on March 21 (3.21.23) at the Chase branch office in Downtown Crossing, at noon. (Chase is the #1 Worst Bank in the World for lending to the fossil fuel industry.)  Additional details TBD!  

So sign up here to join us, and we'll keep you posted.

Will you come?

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