350 Mass has 3 calendars: Our main calendar–which contains events hosted by 350 Mass; Our Node Calendar–which contains a calendar of our Node and Working Group meetings; and our Allied Actions Calendar–which contains links to our partners’ events. Which calendar your event will appear in will depend on whether 350 Mass owns the signup page or another org/website.

  • Main Calendar: If you need a sign-up page for an event 350 Mass is hosting, please give all relevant information (including date, time, location, and cosponsors) to Sam on the #Calendars Slack channel
  • Node Calendar: If your node or working group needs to reschedule their meeting, please let Sam know your new preferred time in the #Calendars Slack channel and he will make the change if that time is available.
  • Allied Actions Calendar: Please share the sign-up link and any additional relevant information about the event in the #Calendar Slack channel.

Please try to get events on the #Calendar channel 1+ weeks in advance to ensure we have enough time to promote them.