So you want to write a blog post…

Blog posts can be used to:

  • Bring forward a priority campaign of 350 Mass
  • Highlight an important issue
  • Describe an action that took place related to our work and the climate movement
  • Articulate an opinion that supports climate action

We are looking to inform and encourage engagement with 350 Mass and across the climate action movement. 


  • Aim for 400-600 words
  • Consider the tone of your piece - can be personal, proactive, informational, persuasive
  • Consider links to sources to further inform interested readers
  • If you would like to find a picture to attach to your blog piece, please ensure it is Creative Commons licensed. (Visit this article to learn how to find CC licensed pictures)
  • Our editorial team will finalize/copy edit for you

Once you have finished your draft, please submit it (as a linked google doc, preferably) in the #blog_posts channel in Slack, or if you are not in Slack, please email it to Sam ([email protected]).