I am participating in a hunger strike because I am desperate to wake people up to just how urgent the climate crisis is.

Many people have expressed support to me over the years for my work on climate and yet I can tell many don’t know how serious a problem we face. Others think there is nothing they can do. We are all busy. But we do not have enough people taking adequate action. We and our children face life-threatening challenges if many more people don’t step up.

Yes, I’m talking about sacrifice. Decrease fossil fuel use by cutting back drastically on spending and investments that create greenhouse gasses (primarily burning fuels). Campaign for and financially support candidates that will truly lead on climate. Commit to being truly active in climate organizations.

This is not a selfless act. I am deeply concerned about my future. However, I have had a fortunate life, full of love and adventure, and rewarding work helping to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. If this is all I get, it is more than enough. My well-being does motivate me but people younger than myself deserve a chance to live a good life and that  motivates me even more.

I don’t wish to die. I have much to offer. However, I can’t justify turning a blind eye because I’ve already had so much good in my life and I believe this hunger strike is the most impactful thing I can do now for the people I care about and for all people and creatures on this planet.

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