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  • Press the MA legislature to pass the Next-Gen Roadmap Climate Bill (again!) by January 29th

    Governor Charlie Baker vetoed the Next-Generation Roadmap Climate Bill. Among other excuses, his reasons—and our responses—include:

    • The bill would halt new construction of affordable housing. In reality, energy efficient homes cost the same or less than those using gas, save money over time, and improve health by reducing indoor pollution. Baker’s stance is supported by the real estate lobby, but opposed by advocates for affordable housing.
    • The bill is too ambitious in seeking 50 percent reduction in climate pollution by 2030; he prefers a goal of 45 percent reduction, and less frequent monitoring of progress made. As the climate crisis intensifies, the Commonwealth’s actions need to be more aggressive, not less. 
    • He complained about the Roadmap’s new Stretch Building Codes for clean energy, even though they are featured in his own plan. 
    • The bill is weak on environmental justice. Actually, the Roadmap bill is a good start on justice issues, and environmental justice advocates are united in their support.
    • The Roadmap bill does not address climate resilience. This is accurate, but not a justification for vetoing an otherwise substantial and beneficial bill. Climate groups stand ready to work with the Governor on climate resilience funding.
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    The climate bill has already been re-filed in the legislature.

    Sign the petition to press the legislature to quickly pass the same Next-Generation Roadmap bill again, without amendments, and, if necessary, to override Governor Baker’s veto.

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  • signed Halt New Gas Infrastructure 2018-09-14 12:27:10 -0400

    Halt New Gas Infrastructure

    On September 14, the Merrimack Valley faced an unprecedented tragedy - a series of “Armageddon-like” gas explosions that killed a teenager, injured ten others, and ignited fires in about 40 homes displacing many more.

    Climate advocates have been warning about the dangers of natural gas for years, and while this explosion is tragic, it was not unforeseeable. We hereby call for Governor Baker--who has previously pushed for the public to subsidize massive new gas infrastructure expansions--to immediately issue a freeze on all new natural gas construction in the state until after thorough investigations both of what happened in this situation and of the many vulnerabilities in our existing system are completed.

    We also call on Governor Baker to express his immediate and unconditional support for National Grid to end the lock-out of the USW Local 12003 union so that these skilled workers can return to the important task of cleaning up the tens of thousands of existing leaks in our state’s natural gas infrastructure.”

    1,154 signatures

    I demand that Governor Baker halt all new gas infrastructure projects, until:

    1) A thorough investigation into what happened at the tragedy in the Merrimack Valley is completed,

    2) An investigation into the vulnerabilities of the existing gas infrastructure projects is completed.

    I also call on Governor Baker to express his immediate and unconditional support for National Grid to end its lockout of gas workers union USW 12003. 

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    We need a bigger, bolder energy bill. Call your rep. and ask for more clean energy & a ban on the pipeline tax!

    Call Your Rep About the Energy Bill TODAY!


    Background Info:

    We are down to the wire, everyone. We have just two days, at most, until a joint Senate-House committee releases their final version of the big energy omnibus bill. From there, it will go to the House and Senate for an up-or-down vote, and then onward to the Governor's desk to be signed into law.

    Our movement has put up a hell of a fight over the last year, and our opposition knows it. They're going all-out in these final days, with front groups like the "Consumers Energy Alliance" running TV ads, making robocalls, and more.

    The committee is operating behind closed doors, and solid information is hard to come by. But it sounds like our opposition may be gaining ground. We're hearing that the committee is leaning towards staying silent on the pipeline tax. And although they'll offer some support for clean energy and offshore wind, it may not be as much as we need.

    With the hours counting down until the bill is done, our movement needs to make one last push!

    How to Call: 

    Please call your representative TODAY!

    1. Look up your state representative's name and phone number by entering your street address here.

    2. Call your state representative's office. Tell them you are calling about the big energy bill and that you have a message that you would like your representative to pass along to Speaker De Leo and the members of the conference committee. Tell them that you want a bill that ensures 2,000 MW of offshore wind, doubles the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and bans the pipeline tax.

    3. Report your call below!

    4. Have five more minutes? Make a few more calls! Contact Speaker Robert DeLeo (617-722-2500) and the three House members of the conference committee, Rep. Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill, 617-722-2990), Rep. Thomas Golden (D-Lowell, 617-722-2263) and Rep. Bradley Jones (R-North Reading, 617-722-2100). Share the same message: we want a bill that ensures 2,000 MW of offshore wind, doubles the Renewable Portfolio Standard, and bans the pipeline tax! 

    90 calls
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  • signed Petition - Don't Do It, Charlie! 2016-02-22 13:10:34 -0500
    We must push NOW to aim for the GWSA goal of 80% carbon emission reductions by 2050 by embracing non-carbon solutions NOW—that means NO NEW PIPELINES!

    Tell Governor Baker: Don't Bill Us for New Pipelines


    Tell Governor Baker: Don't Bill Us for New Pipelines

    Sign our petition to tell Governor Baker that you oppose his plan to make electricity customers pay for new gas pipelines!

    1,286 signatures

     Dear Governor Baker:

    Your Department of Public Utilities has moved forward with a proposal to pay for new gas pipelines by adding a charge to our monthly electricity bills. But ratepayers should not be saddled with costs that have always been borne by gas companies in the past.

    PLUS: Attorney General Healey’s recently released study shows that we don’t even need new pipelines! By investing in clean energy and energy efficiency, we can ensure reliability while keeping costs down and meeting the state’s mandated goals for reducing climate pollution.

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  • posted about DPU comments on Facebook 2015-06-11 16:04:01 -0400
    Send Your Comment to the Department of Public Utilities!

    Send Your Comment to the Department of Public Utilities!

    Fill out the form below to tell the Department of Public Utilities that Massachusetts ratepayers don't want to pay for new fracked gas pipelines! Add a personalized note, if you want -- customized letters have a greater impact! Your message will be delivered to the DPU before the comment period deadline on June 15.

    Note: because the filing deadline has now passed, we are no longer accepting comments. For now, you can help us stop the gas tariff by making a call to Governor Baker -- just follow the instructions here! 

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  • @carolyncbarthel tweeted link to Take Action. 2015-04-08 18:53:00 -0400
    I just signed the petition to make MA the first state in the US to divest from fossil fuels! Join me!

    Sign the Petition to Make MA First to Divest!

    students.jpgWe're calling on Massachusetts to divest its pension fund from the oil, coal and gas companies that are ruining our climate and blocking real action on global warming. By divesting, we can align our investments with our values and loosen the stranglehold of fossil fuel companies on our economy and our democracy. We know divestment works: it's a time-honored tactic that has galvanized change on issues ranging from South Africa to tobacco. By divesting now, Massachusetts can offer much-needed national leadership on climate change and set an example for other states and countries to follow. It's time to divest! 

    202 signatures

    I support legislation requiring the Massachusetts pension fund to freeze any new investments in fossil fuel companies and to divest from direct holdings in fossil fuel companies within 5 years.

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"I refuse to be an accomplice in the destruction of our grandchildren's only home. And I will not be a silent witness to this crime." Antonio Guterres
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