From March 15-March 22, 6 members of Climate Courage, the direct action wing of 350 Mass, undertook a hunger strike to stop MMWEC project 2015a, the Peabody peaker plant, a 55 mw oil/gas facility slated for a dense urban neighborhood in Peabody MA, and bring close attention to the undemocratic relationships between MMWEC, ISO New England, and FERC that has allowed its and other fossil fuel infrastructure permitting.

Judith Black, Rob Bonney, Sue Donaldson, Joy Gurrie, Nathan Phillips, and Roger Rosen with major support from Jim Mulloy and Diane Fine undertook this fast with plans to tour MLP communities that had bought into the peaker plant, ISO New England, MMWEC, and the Fix the Grid rally. On top of dropping many pounds, we six were able to draw fresh energy to fight this facility, engage local lawmakers, command a good deal of press throughout the state, and unify stakeholders around the issues that led to its nefarious permitting.
Strikers are asking our entire community to continue this effort us by calling Governor Baker (617-725-4005) and Secretary Theoharides (617-626-1000) and demanding that health and safety impact studies (CHIA & EIR) be done for the Peabody Peaker. More on Facebook #FastingforaFuture. We were also humbled and heartened by the huge amount of support we received from both ours and allied communities and deeply grateful for the many organizations that endorsed our action and support this fight, most especially MCAN and Community Action Works. For our final statement please go to Facebook #FastingforaFuture. It begins: Do we want a livable planet for ourselves, our children and grandchildren?
Highlights from Our Hunger Strike:
  • 80 people fasted from food or fossil fuels for various lengths
    of time and took other symbolic actions in solidarity with us.
  • People have called the Governor to request his intervention.
  • Standouts in various towns have been visible and well
  • Press have been present at almost all events and have
    written articles about the issues, often on the front page.
  • Radio and TV hosts and podcasters have featured us: and a
    documentary filmmaker accompanied our tour. This visibility
    has helped educate the public at large and grow our
    movement to Stop the Peabody Peaker and build a livable
    climate for all.
  • Elected officials (Sally Kerans-Danvers Rep. and Joan
    Lovely-State Senator) have voiced support, appeared at our
    events, held a meeting with the Massachusetts
    Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) and requested a meeting
    with Secretary Theoharides. They are pushing back.
  • Using the money saved on food not eaten, $1,000 was
    donated to World Central Kitchen to feed people in Ukraine.

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