When Today January 10, 2022 at 7:00pm 1 hr
Where Zoom

Join us in welcoming Mary Cerulli of Climate Finance Action, who will walk us through the role public pensions can play in fighting climate change and how MA is using its shareholder power to this.

Mary Cerulli is the founder of Climate Finance Action formed May 6, 2020 after 18 months of climate finance work in conjunction with The Sunrise Project which included establishing a Stop The Money Pipeline Massachusetts hub and establishing a robust relationship with the Massachusetts state treasurer’s office.

State Treasurers, through their roles in overseeing state pensions, 529 college savings plans and other assets, have untapped power over decisions that affect climate change. State Treasurers are usually elected – sometimes appointed – public officials who have influence over huge pools of assets.

We engage and leverage community power to identify and implement effective strategies to pressure state treasurers and others who control large public pension funds. State treasurers and other public officials oversee hundreds of millions in assets– assets that come with power attached. These public officials have a seat at the table on climate policy at the largest U.S. corporations, and they can play a critical role in pressuring companies to decarbonize with time-bound goals for reducing emissions.

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