Thank you for your donation!

Did you know that many employers match employees' donations to charitable organizations like Better Future Project and 350 Mass? Asking your employer to match your gift is an easy way to contribute even more to the climate movement!

  1. Ask your human resources officer whether your employer has a matching gift program. (Some nonprofits, such as the Jimmy Fund, have online databases that list corporate matching programs, but keep in mind that these databases are not exhaustive.)
  2. Find out what information is required to request a matching gift. Your employer may ask you to complete a form or ask for Better Future Project's employer identification number (EIN)—it's 47-1015198.
  3. Contact Venson Shih, Better Future Project's Director of Operations, if you need any help! We're happy to confirm donations, provide our employer identification number, and so on.

Take advantage of your employer's matching gift program to boost the Massachusetts climate movement!