The 350 Mass Science Working Group was formed in November 2020. Its mission is to collect and share current and emerging scientific information about climate change and its impacts on the Commonwealth; and about technical and social measures and policies to mitigate its effects. The Working group collects reports and data; prepares webinars and other outreach materials; and supports 350 Mass Nodes and other working groups with their needs and requests for scientific information. It also keeps contact with other organizations with similar missions such as the ECA Mass Research Group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and local universities. A scientific background is not necessary; we welcome members with a wide range of experience including communications, social studies of science, economics, and policy. 

The Science Working Group aims to support 350 Mass and its campaigns to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change in Massachusetts, through collecting and communicating science-based information and data on (a) the impacts of climate change and (b) strategies, policies, and technologies to address the climate crisis. Audiences for this information include 350 Mass members, state and local legislators and other decision makers, allies in other climate organizations, and citizens at large.

Activities of the Science Working Group include: collaborating with and supporting 350 Mass groups and members to define and implement the organization’s campaigns; creating a database of relevant publications, policies, models and technologies;  developing, presenting, and helping to disseminate educational resources including lectures, webinars, and print materials; collaborating with related organizations such as Elders for Climate Action to meet our shared goals of education and advocacy; and other projects and tasks to be determined.  

Contact person and chair: Philip Vergragt [email protected]

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